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It's still cold in here

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It's still cold in here

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It's 50-some degrees outside, but it's friggin' FREEZING in here! Still! K just mentioned that it is really hot at her office and here i am freezing my ass off LOL.

Still haven't decided what i'm going to call my youngest boy on here, but i will say that he almost missed the bus this morning! It was an extremely stressful and frustrating morning for me. Lava has been seriously on my nerves.

i found some cool icons so i'll try to get those uploaded soon. i'm just gradually setting up shop here. :-)

Landlord came by looking for the rent (it's due today plus we owe half of last month's) but i didn't have anything to give him. Hopefully that check will come in the mail the next day or two.

Lava pulled a leaf and flower cluster off a tree in the yard so i reprimanded him, had him put it in the compost, and told him to apologize to the tree which he did.

i was right, i was certainly hating myself this morning for staying up so late last night. And now, i've got to get going because we haven't had lunch yet. i also need to work on laundry and make some phone calls. And hopefully get warm!

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