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some random thoughts

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some random thoughts

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blow me dandelion

OK, i think i'm going to refer to my youngest boy as BB. BB had quite a cough earlier this evening! He and Lava are in bed now though. i wonder if BB will be able to go to school tomorrow.

i didn't get a whole lot done today because i've been hurting all day. i've had a migraine creeping up all day and it's starting to really get to me. i definitely won't be here at this PC much longer.

Most of the time, i feel so disconnected from all my friends (besides K of course!), even though one of my best friends lives right down the street, and another close friend i see usually once a week or so.

i was thinking earlier today about the way i spend money...especially as compared to how i used to spend money.

Some things i don't ever want to blow money on again
in no particular order:
acrylic nails
fake nails of any kind
CDs of which i only like or know one song
library overdue fines
eating at certain restaurants
ordering wine by the bottle at a restaurant, for a party of only 3
cigarettes (i was a stupid teenager and tried to smoke for a brief time)
inferior tattoo
phone calls to the UK
unflattering clothing
uncomfortable shoes
bras that don't fit right
anything from a street vendor in Tijuana, Mexico
a Bible
stupid pregnancy/childbirth/parenting books that aren't in line with my beliefs and practices
gold jewelry
mahi mahi
to have my baby in a hospital
any home-parties "business venture"
a trip to West Palm Beach
being pierced with a gun at an accessories shop
getting my own car out of impound
impulsive, unnecessary eBay purchases
worthless antiques
day care center childcare

That's all i can think of for now...i'm sure i'll think of more to add to the list.
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