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i am up way too late and it is freezing in here. It's been a nice Mother's Day. The boys (with VM's help) got me some flowers and garden stuff and made me bizarre little cards. K took me to TGIFriday's for a late lunch/early dinner and she also got me some books. i've already started reading a bit on one of them and i really like it so far! It's about unassisted childbirth. i think the time has come, sooner than we thought it would, for us to get serious about having a baby together. We have a sperm donor lined up, and i will probably be ovulating in about two weeks. Wow.

Cat threw up in the living room today and she keeps hacking/wheezing like she's doing it again, but so far they've been false alarms.

i guess i need to decide how i'm going to refer to the boys on here. i don't really want to use their real names. i know for oldest boy, i will use Cactus, and for middle boy i will use Lava, but i don't know about youngest boy. i'll have to think on that one a bit. For now though i need to wrap things up and get ready for bed. i am going to hate myself when the alarms go off in the morning.

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